Sackville Snow Drifters Inc. was founded in 1992 when a small group of local snowmobile enthusiasts decided that a safe, organized trail system in this area was long past due. Total membership at the first meeting night was only fourteen, but this energetic core group soon attracted many more people as the huge job of clearing trails and building bridges began in earnest. By the end of the l992 snowmobile season the club membership had reached thirty-one and the seed for future growth had been planted.

Message from the President (Click Here)

Special Announcements:

September 2019 Trip Draw Lotto Winners!!

Congratulations to the winners below!!

1st Prize - Trip David and Charlotte Weir

2nd Prize - $700 Susan and Laurie Melanson

3rd Prize - $400 Jacquline and Jacob Vogels

4th Prize - $200 Oliver and Natalie Earle


Note: Trail 52 South, past the pipeline shelter towards NS a section of that trail/road is being logged. The owners are ok with us using it, however, Please be aware, travel slow and watch for Log Trucks. Road is plowed but passable pending snow conditions. We r looking for a alternate route possibly down pipeline bypassing most of this. Stay tuned for more info as things develope.

Trails are open and groomed, please drive with care
Trails are up and running for the 2018/2019 season, with the lack of snow washout may be present.
Ride Safe.